Scott Ferguson

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Dedicated team member with a passion for learning and programming who hopes to better his talents by acquiring new skills from both team members and new experiences. While at the same time also contributing to the creation and maintaining of various hardware and software systems.


Helped to design, and build a peer-to-peer scheduling app using a MEAN stack and agile development

CSS 360 Software Engineering

Created a disassembler to translate machine language into assembly language using easy68k

CSS 422 Hardware and Organization

Designed a database to hold information about peoples interests and activities using SQLite

CSS 475 Database Systems

Built an interactive webpage showing various search algorithms in real time, with user interaction

CSS 450 Computer Graphics

Created a system to mimic an OS, with process scheduling, file creation/management, and piping

CSS 430 Operating Systems

Developed a visual simulation of people moving and interacting with their environment using python

CSS 458 Computer Simulation

Educating Young Eyes

Center For Children's Vision Learning, & Technology
A university sponsored non-profit dedicated to research, development, and learning. We are focused on systemic change transforming the lives of children throughout the world. We design, develop, test and distribute technologies to help increase awareness and provide access to all communities about the importance of functional vision in children’s learning.
Worked with various non-CS domain professionals
Designed applications to test and treat vision problems in children
Used Unity3D and C# to quickly develop and deploy applications
Adapted to an already extensive codebase
Extensive use of agile development and weekly sprints
Summer 2017


University of Washington at Bothell

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Spring 2015 - Summer 2017


Programming Languages & Tools

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